Need to know how to sell a home fast, even though the holidays are speedily approaching? If you’re thinking of throwing up your hands and giving up hope until the new year, we’re here to offer hope: There’s still time!

As eager as you may be to sell your home before the holidays, plenty of people out there are dying to buy a place before the holidays descend, also. Now during this time of year please understand the buyers that are out in the marketplace are very SERIOUS BUYERS. It is entirely possible to not only find a buyer, but also close the deal and move out during the hectic Holiday Season.

When Marketing your home during this time of year there are less buyers in the market place. But the the buyers that are out there must buy a home. Just like you whether it be a job transfer or some sort of personnel reason they must make this move in a timely manor. Inherently Buyers and Sellers don’t want to embark on the journey of moving during the hectic Holiday season unless they HAVE TO.

At this time if you have to get this move done be aware most Real Estate agents are on what I like to call Cruise Control. Most agents don’t really work much during the Holiday Season. They pretty much set up their year with the understanding not much happens during November and December. In essence the are in the Holiday Mode also.

With that being said if your under the gun, to get your home sold or need to purchase a new home and start the New Year in a new location please consider this.  Start by interviewing Agents with Years of Experience NOT the new Hot Shot Agent. The agent with the years of experience knows the importance of working through the Holiday Season while most agents are on Cruise Control. The agent that’s been through the wars of the Real Estate Business are the true PROS and know how to make things happen.